Off the Block Enam

OFF THE BLOCK'S Grenfell issue is a celebration of all things positive about London: its creativity, boldness and diversity. The magazine is centred around people for whom the city has had a big part to play in their life and creative process. All profits of the issue were donated to the families of the Grenfell victims. Isabelle mirrored the resilience and vibrancy of London through the styling and wanted these sensibilities to come through in the strength and confidence of the model.

Client: Off the Block

Photographer: Nathan Perkins / Art Direction: Valerie Hui / Hair and Makeup: Chihiro Yamada / Model: Mia Kitora-Howe


Isabelle is a seasoned stylist and art editor who has worked with an extensive list of industry professionals on multi-media projects. She is the Fashion & Lifestyle Editor of THE EARTH ISSUE, an environmental arts magazine and online platform dedicated to using art and image culture as a driving force for environmental activism. She is the winner of the HARRODS x BRITISH FASHION COUNCIL 2015 styling competition for her work on inclusivity, and was shortlisted for the i-D: Diversity Now styling and creative direction award in 2015. Isabelle lives and works in London.