Syn Magazine Earth Mother

EARTH MOTHER is an editorial which addresses our relationship with fashion and the environment; the clothing in the shoot is a mixture of pieces from ethical designers, donated apparel and salvaged materials featured within an entirely up-cycled set.

Client: Syn Magazine

Photographer: Rebecca Tate / Art Direction: Isabelle Landicho / Set Design: Matthew Redman / Hair and Makeup: Chihiro Yamada / Model: Isabelle and Luanda at Nii Agency


Isabelle is a seasoned stylist and art editor who has worked with an extensive list of industry professionals on multi-media projects. She is the Fashion & Lifestyle Editor of THE EARTH ISSUE, an environmental arts magazine and online platform dedicated to using art and image culture as a driving force for environmental activism. She is the winner of the HARRODS x BRITISH FASHION COUNCIL 2015 styling competition for her work on inclusivity, and was shortlisted for the i-D: Diversity Now styling and creative direction award in 2015. Isabelle lives and works in London.